Wednesday, March 2, 2011

top 24...the girls

On to the girls...

Ta-tynisa...I don't really know who she is...but her start to this song is B-A-D. She is not on the note at all...serious crap. She will not be in my top 5. Steven you be crazy on that review. Jennifer is crazy too...bring us back to reality Randy...thank you. "Being a performer is about moving the crowd and she moved the crowd" says the lip syncer j-lo (don't get me wrong, I love me some j-lo....just sayin').

Naima (these girls names are gonna kill me) one should sing this song after Fantasia did. She sounds like she belongs in a jazz club.

Kendra....don't know her either. Oh...she sang "Blackbird" with my boy and I didn't think she did that great. I didn't mind it....some of the higher notes were too screechy for me....but she had lots of control, so I'll give her that.

Rachel....cannot stand this girl...CANNOT stand. Is she on cabaret? This isn't helping me like her anymore. She's trying to be all that and sexy....but really she's nervous and awkward and it ain't good. Thank you Steven....too broadway...amen....and she's speechless. J-Lo has a lot of rings on....I'd like just one of them:)

Karen...I don't like her either. No she isn't....have we learned nothing over 10 mariah, no celine....c'mon girls....oh....well, I guess if she sings it in spanish then it's ok:) If she goes back and forth between english and spanish will she only get have the hispanic votes (is that racist?...sorry if I offended....just pick one language, I don't care which, and stick with it).

Lauren....who? I didn't know her until she got put in to the top 24. How cute, a treble clef on her wrist...she must really be into music. I didn't mind her. Her voice is good....but whatever.

Ashthon....oh....her....she bugs. Do I like any of the girls? Don't like her outfit...yuck! What song is this? Nope...not for me.

Julie....I really like this girl...her dresses are awesome and she does great behind the piano. See? cute dress!:) Don't really like when they sing Kelly....and she isn't doing all that great....seems flat and dull. Too bad....she just doesn't have the range to sing this's staying in the same 5 note range....not good. Well said Randy...well said (that's kinda weird to say).

Haley...I remember seeing her face a lot....but I don't remember her voice. Why do these little girls try to act doesn't work. The beginning was an exact duplicate of Alicia's voice, the rest is just ok. Maybe if she wasn't trying so hard to be all sexy or whatever, I could have enjoyed her more.

Thia. She's young. starting all alone. brave. 15 years old. great voice. she was on America's got talent, so singing on a big stage in front of tons of people is nothing new for her.

Lauren. I LOVE this girl. 16. she better not fail me tonight like my boys did last night. She has the kind of voice I love....strong, powerful, in tune. Don't have a clue what that song is....but she did a great job!

Pia. I always got her and Julie confused. She is doing much better then Julie....much better. Wow...standing o by the judges. good job girl.

Okay....I'm fairly disappointed with the girls tonight and I think it's gonna be another boy's year...hmmmm.

the only 2 girls I care to get into the top 12 is Lauren and Pia...whatever to the rest of them.

Alright....that's all. Tomorrow we get to find out who are top 12 are. I will be on a plane during the show, so you will have to wait till friday to hear my thoughts, if you care :)