Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The top 13....2011 DVR wasn't loving me last Thursday...or my son has gotten too smart and deletes my shows so I can't watch them and have to play with him:) Either way, I missed the show where the top 13 got picked....oh well. My favorites are in and some of the annoying ones are out, so I won't complain too much! :)

Songs by their personal idol.

Lauren (you all know I love her)...idol: Shania Twain. Any man of mine. Not my favorite of her performances....a little "yelly" and she sounds nervous for the first time. Still love her big voice. (and don't say thank you at the end of your performance). I agree with the judges...she's young, someone help her pick better songs.

Casey: idol: Joe Cocker. With a little help from my friends. Could be a good song for him. Oh boy...he's got the choir out on the first week. this kid's voice is great....I do like him a lot. Sorry sweet Lauren, but he just blew you out the water. Again....totally agree with the judges.

Ashton: She's lucky the judges got a pick....'cause I don't really like this girl all that much. Idol: Diana Ross...only 'cause the judges told her she is like Diana. When you tell me that you love me. Rough start girl....rough. Got a little better....but still don't like her.

Paul: Idol: Ryan Adams. Come Pick Me Up. I really like this kid...really like. I want him to do well. Again, not my favorite performance...dang it. Steven just said "Pitchy"....I agree....just funny. And Randy just name drops...silly Randy. Vote America Vote.

Pia is pretty: Idol: Celine Dion....risky girl...risky. All By Myself. First time ever that I will say that I am not booing at her picking a Celine song. This girl has got a voice on her and I loved it. Keep it up Pia....Keep it up! Jennifer's crying....Randy's putting her in the group with his "big 3 of girls"....Steven wishes he was 30 years younger:)

James (I really can't stand this kid): Idol: Paul McCartney. Maybe I'm Amazed. I really wish he wouldn't sing anything related to the Beatles...blech. Not his best beginning. Wasn't horrible...still don't like him. I know he has fans and ain't going I will just tolerate. Annoying dude...quit making the girls scream by raising your hands....that's just showing us you are full of yourself.

Haley. Idol: Leann Rimes. Blue. Did you have to wear a blue dress? She's about to start doing a hula I think she is doing one. It's Hawaiian Country. If you like the country thing, it's not bad...I don't really like the real country, country. These little girls need to learn not to say thank you at the end of the performances. Steve just said that if you listen carefully you can hear the rest of America roaring, then qualified it with "the country western part"....he knows. I may be with Randy on the boring side....she tried to liven it up with some hula dancing, give her a break. See? They just did their own luau comparison...

Jacob. Idol: R Kelly (really? your church voice is gonna sing a child molesters song? weird). I Believe I Can Fly. Okay....I can see that song by you. Did you borrow the earrings from R. Kelly too? Here comes another choir....kinda need one for this song....or maybe Jordan shootin' hoops. Okay...ending is too screamy.

Thia: Idol: Michael Jackson. Smile. She just called Charlie Chaplin...Chapman. She has no idea who he is....awesome. She has a pretty voice....I just don't know if I care all that much for her. Like the switch up to the faster beat. Fits her age better. Funny that the judges liked the beginning better.

Stefano. Idol: Stevie Wonder. Lately. I like this kid too. Do Washington proud us proud. I wish he was wearing his Seattle Sonics "robbed" shirt again. I'd never seen it till he wore it last Wednesday, then I saw it on a guy in Seattle this last weekend. I want one:) He's doing much better then he did last week....not nasally...good job kid. You got J-lo rockin' out.

Karen (really can't stand this girl...really). Idol: Selena. The only song I know from Selena. Rough start for her too. Boring. Judges not really lovin' it....good.

Scotty. Idol: Garth. The River. Here comes the country. Lean to the right Scotty...lean to the right. I swear, this kid sings 3 maybe 4 notes in every range at all.

Naima. Idol: Rhiana. Umbrella. I love this song....should be interesting. Oh and dance moves. I like Holly Holiday and Will Schuster's version better. Oh the Jamaica twist....kinda fun. Seriously...she just did a little dance...did Paula choreograph that?

Hmmmm. I don't know. Am I losing my love for AI or is there just not that one person I want to hear sing that makes me look forward to this show. I'm not really screaming for one person. Tonight, my top pick is actually Casey then Pia. Other then that, they did good, I'm just not all geeked up about it all.

So who will be in the bottom and who is going home? I'll throw out: Ashton, Thia and Haley (maybe Jacob and Karen should be in there too).

Going home: Ashthon (please)

Alright...I'm not doing a "game" per se this year....just isn't going to work out for me...but I will do a finale plan on that sometime in May (I'll figure out the date soon). Of course, you are welcome to leave me your thoughts and who you think should be going home.


Carol said...

I really enjoyed this evening's entertainment, especially Lauren, Casey, Pia, Scotty, and I think James did a good job with Paul McCartney. Jacob has a very powerful voice, and I enjoyed Naima's performance. I think the bottom 3 will be Karen, Haley, and Ashton (Thia is a possibility, also). Going home: Karen

Jaymerz said...

I NEED to watch but I always forget what day it is on.