Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The top 24 perform....The boys

I am loving this year.....LOVING. I am completely satisfied with the new judges....J-Lo has not bugged even once...and Steven Tyler....well, let's just say that my previous love for him and all things aerosmith has only grown stronger...dude is crazy and hilarious all in a good and not annoying way (and I always want to sing "Steven Tyler pjs, steven tyler pjs). Ryan has even grown on me a bit....I don't care what anyone says about him (even Joel Mchale, whom I LOVE) he is VERY good at his job!

The contestants...I have been pleasantly surprised at the talent this year. I am disappointed at some of the people that were put through to the top 24....but I'm hoping America will weed out the crap and cocky attitudes and give us a great top 12. I have a few favorites, but I'm keeping those to myself for the time being.

And lastly...I really enjoyed Hollywood week....I liked the fact that they went to Vegas and sang Beatles song....I thought it was cool. I wished (just like every other year) that we could see more singing and less talking and repeating of the same things....but whatever...they show us what they want us to see so we will vote for who they want us to vote for....it's all rigged, but I don't care, 'cause I love it! OH....And I am loving that we are only taking 1 week to get to our top 12 instead of this business of knocking off 2 each week....I don't care however for the wild card picks by the judges...'cause they will put through the people America doesn't want and the producers do for good tv....blah!

On with the show! (they are on the big stage....not the little studio for the top 24)

Remember how it took 3 hours to get our top 24....LAME....let's move this a bit faster.

Clint...the karaoke funny glasses guy: Singing a very karaoke song. With the colors going and people all around him, it looks like American Bandstand.

Jovany...aka rico suave...don't like this guy. Pretty boring. Thank you Randy...Steven and Jennifer are gonna be super nice (which is fine)....as long as Randy keeps it real.

Jordan: Cockiest kid EVER on AI....I cannot stand him. I was SO made when they put him through. I can't believe he is singing this song....horrible...horrible....I am SO embarrassed for him. Talk about karaoke....I can hardly even stand to listen. Wow...that was B-A-D. Thank you for being honest Steven...and Jennifer...and Randy...please be the end of him. If it's not you why did you pick it?....lame excuses for a bad performance.

Tim: This guy is great! I really like when he plays the piano and I loved his Beatles performance. This wasn't my favorite performance of his, but ok....he just does best sittin' at the piano. Still really like him though.

Brett: This kid is interesting....I have liked some of his performances...but he is a bit strange. I am bit jealous of his hair tonight...somebody put some good mousse in it and it looks good. He has a good voice...but it's really soft and not that impressive. Okay....I like the hair too...but quit shaking it so much!

James: Of all the boys, this is the boy I cannot stand the most....he truly bugs me...he wants to be Adam Lambert and you all know how I feel about him. And ending with the screech....of course. Ok....it wasn't AS BAD as his previous performances....but I still don't like him. I know America will put him through...but I'm not putting him on my list.

Robbie: I like this kid....and his big nose :). He has a very nice voice...very nice...pleasant, if I may. I liked it....David didn't....I did. I think he's a super nice kid and it sounded great.

Scotty: I'm not really sure about him. He's just too country for me. His face bugs David...he tries too hard to be super country singer....he can only sing if he's tilted to the side and his mouth does the crooked thing. David says this song sounds like a Ruby River song....that made me giggle. He does have a nice voice...just not my cup of tea. He'll get the country vote.

Stefano....LOVE mr. Kent, Washington....please do me proud. He is so cute. He is sounding kinda nasally...don't do that. I still love him....little tweens....get to callin' for this boy! That almost last part was not good...dang it....why did you try so hard? Let's get him in the top 12 so he can do better. thanks judges for pushing him...."It's for all the ladies out there". So who's he dating????

Paul: I really, really like this guy...his voice is amazing!!!!! His "Blackbird" rendition last week was awesome! I love him!!! Really, I do....LOVE!!!!! So far....me and David's favorite!

Jacob: This guy is pure straight out the church choir crazy. I will give the kid the fact that he has a strong great voice....his personality is just a bit too over the top for me. Not sure if America wants to hear this every week. No crying on AI little Jacob....no crying. I'll give him Luther Vandross....I love that guy too....hook Jacob up with Linda Ronstadt and we could have a kickin' duet for finale night:)

Casey: I like this kid and his amazing instrument playing talent. His 2 performances with the bass were crazy good. His personality is so great! I thought he did great! I want him to make it so that he can amaze us each week with a different instrument.

My top 5 picks who I think should go through:

I'm sure that silly James will make it through too...plus, the judges get to pick one. But these are the boys I want to hear from each week. Oh let's be honest, all the people I don't want are going to make it....such is the story of my life.

what do you think?