Wednesday, May 25, 2011

American Idol 2011...Finale...and the winner is:

Still a little disappointed it's these 2 in the finale...but I guess I have to get over it. I was underwhelmed last night with Scotty...but I have never been a fan of his. Lauren did great with her first 2 songs and really did fantastic with her last song. Scotty's single was kinda blah. I still don't have high hopes for Lauren winning 'cause of those silly tweens out there...

I'm halfway through the show...Marc Anthony is singing and I am waiting for J-Lo to appear since she isn't in the judges seat.

My fav performances so far...Jack Black with Casey and TLC minus the L...may she rest in peace...and of course they were singing an ode to my senior year of HS...don't go chasing those waterfalls kids.

Hey there's J-Lo reenacting her fly girl days!:) Oh and Sheila E...which David called from the beginning.

I was completely annoyed by freakin' Judas Priest and James but laughed when there number was followed by the gospel music including Miss Gladys Knight. I also thought that maybe they didn't need to sing all of Beyonce's songs before she made her appearance. I do wish they made the top 12 girls dance along with Beyonce in those ridiculous does she not break her ankle?

Now our top 12 boys are singing...who in the world picked these songs? AHHHH Tom Jones...Hearing them does make me remember how much I loved Stephano and Paul. (Shot to Jack Black...dude is groovin' and still crackin' me up).

Have I ever mentioned I can't stand Lady Gaga...I may be the only one...but I do. I don't hate her songs, I just can't watch her...I'd rather listen to Glee sing her songs.

Did I also mention that I fast forwarded through Tim McGraw...I won't however be fast forwarding through Carrie Underwood, because I love her...and it wouldn't be an AI event with out her. Sadly, as much as I like Lauren, Carrie's voice just puts her's to shame.

All the little clips of the contestants being all snappy are hilarious.

and if you haven't noticed...the last few weeks have been the Beyonce and Lady Gaga show. I like me some Beyonce...but seriously...speaking of seriously...Spiderman? It's a good thing I LOVE Bono and The Edge, or I'd be fast forwarding this too. I'm still SO sad that I wasn't at Rice Eccles last night...I need to attend another U2 ain't enough.

Steven Tyler is missing from the judges seats....ohhhh baby this could be good. I LOVE that man!

And the winner is (already a minute late...thanks DVR for recording long)...


Alright America...your next country star has been crowned:)


Jo-Dan said...

I am NOT a country fan...I like a few country songs here and there, but I do NOT love country. However, I LOVED Lauren's last song. I even listened to it twice and got a little tear in my eye. I agree...Scotty is bleh.